Face Make Over

Spa Fabulous Organic Express Cleanse and Glow Facial

A prescriptive 20 minute deep cleanse treatment under a warming infra red lamp, your skin is thoroughly exfoliated using our advanced formulated organic micro dermabrasion to clear congestion and balance pigmentation. Our effective serums are chosen for your skin type to replenish, repair and purify.  Instant noticeable improvement and great for thos who want an express treament with maximum results.

Spa Fabulous Organic Cocoa & Rose Anti Oxidant Facial

Combining healing benefits of organic Rosehip, Aloe, Lemongrass and Vitamins C and E your skin is thoroughly cleansed using our advanced formulated micro dermabrasion. Skin is warmed and treated using our bespoke Cocoa Mask (heavenly chocolate aroma), rich in anti oxidants and oxygenates and repairs premature ageing skin.

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Spa Fabulous Organic Coconut and Aloe Calming Facial

Sensitive skin tends to be thin, delicate with fine pores. It can be prone to broken capillaries, itching, soreness and is frequently allergic. Using healing organic ingredients such a aloe, rosehip seed oil and evening primrose oil to calm, repair and nourish this facial can be enjoyed by even the most sensitve skins. The creamy organic coconut mask is truly restorative and smells heavenly!

Spa Fabulous Organic Papaya and Pineapple Pigment Facial

A luxurious treatment to restore a radiant complexion. Using natural fruit acids in combination with our organic micro dermabrasion a clearer, brighter and more youthful appearance is revealed. Our amazing Papaya and Pineapple Mask address the common prblem of uneven skin tone, scarring and unsightly pigmentation. Excellent for pigmented, dull, dehydrated and congested skin conditions.

Spa Fabulous Organic Strawberry and Honeysuckle Purifying Facial

With a fresh tropical scent naturally derived from strawberries, lemon and honeysuckle our fresh fruit mask smells good enough to eat. Strawberries are effective as a facial mask ingredient because of the large amount of salicylic acid they contain, which effectively removes dead and dry skin cells. Skin is left softer, smoother and glowing. Excellent for scarring, pigmentation and breakouts.

Spa Fabulous Organics Complexion Perfection

Voted best facial 2013 by Biteable Beauty this treatment is designed to tackle all skin problems and issues using active organic ingredients.

Neena Trehan has developed an electrical element to Spa Fabulous Organics facials to help enhance the effects of Spa Fabulous Organics products and specialised techniques to deliver immediate and noticeable results. Complexion Perfection is a bespoke vacuum suction machine which Neena created to be more tailor-made to each clients’ individual skin needs. It has been fine tuned to enable the therapist to use a variety of methods to obtain optimum results when combined with Spa Fabulous Organics products. The vacuum suction can be controlled to range from very gentle, right the way through to intense making each facial completely customised for every client.

An audience with MyAnna Buring actress (Downton Abbey, Ripper Street and Twilight)
for Spa Fabulous Organics

  • Q: Aside from using Spa Fabulous Organics products what else do you do to contribute to the health of your skin?
  • A: I drink at least two litres of water a day if I can. I eat relatively healthily- i juice everyday - I make sure I get more than my five a day... And I try to have Neena Trehan facials regularly. They help keep my skin deeply cleansed and moisturised.
  • Q: Favourite Spa Fabulous Organics products?
  • A: I love all the products but the Splash and the serums -ESP the Calming Serum and the Purifying Serum are my skin saviours...
  • Q: Everyday skin care and make up routine?
  • A: Every morning and night I cleanse with Spa Fabulous Cleanse and Glow Rebalancing, spritz with Spa Fabulous Splash or cold water if I've run out. In the morning I put on the Calming Serum usually or Bliss for Your Skin Face Oil, then moisturiser, then sun factor 50. At night I only massage my chosen serum onto my face- nothing else. Make up - I usually use a mineral powder for foundation- I.D. Bare Minerals or Laura Mercier. A bronzer for rouge and eye shading, mascara, lip balm, or a red or pink lipstick- Mac and Chanel do great lipsticks...
  • Q: Off duty style?
  • A: Eclectic- if I wake up feeling like it - I'll glam up. If I don't I'll go food shopping in my pj’s without makeup.
  • Q: What do you enjoy about working on period drama?
  • A: Apart from the characters and the story lines, I relish the chance to immerse myself in history, to explore and imagine the lives of people from worlds gone by. It reminds me of where we've come from and in what ways life has changed and in what ways it hasn't at all.
  • Q: Favourite Downton character?
  • A: I cannot choose! Seriously- I love them all.
  • Q: How do you like working with Magi Vaughan?
  • A: She is such a clever makeup and hair artist! She's a perfectionist and meticulous with her work. Also she understands the stress actors skin and hair go through and is always looking for ways to help us out. I introduced her to Spa Fabulous Organics products when I first worked with her on the Downton Christmas special last year- she loved them so much - she was using them on the makeup truck this season!
  • Q: Comfortable with minimal makeup on Downton?
  • A: Can be daunting when you have breakouts say but ultimately it would look so wrong and at odds with the period if it were anything else... I would be more uncomfortable insisting on something that was not period just because I thought it would make me look better. My job is not to look good- it's to sell a character. The second season of Ripper Street will air on BBC 1 later this autumn. Long Susan is so very different from Edna - they're both great fun to play and I'm so lucky to be part of the two shows.
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