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Full Body (FULL LEG, FULL ARM, UNDER ARMS AND BIKINI)* - £175 per Treatment

Chin or Upper Lip - £25

Chin and Lip - £30

Underarm - £30

Full Face - £50

Holywood Bikini - £60

Diode Hair Removal:

Excessive or unsightly body hair can be upsetting for both men and women and difficult or inconvenient to remove. With the newest technology in hair removal, our Diode Laser takes laser hair removal in Kent to a whole new level, with state of-the-art technology to ensure a fast, virtually painless procedure.

The MeDioStar Laser is one of the most powerful high-speed laser hair removal devices on the market today; able to treat an entire average male back in around 10 minutes! The device’s dual wavelength combines with smooth pulse technology to quickly and comfortably treat a wide range of skin concerns.

When it comes to accessing advanced aesthetic treatments like laser hair removal Kent isn’t the centre of the universe! However, here at Blush Health & Beauty, we use the latest technological treatments to provide you with a professional service with great results, right on your doorstep.

Home-based hair removal isn't always an ideal solution for your unwanted hair - it can result in nasty bumps and scratches from razor burn, faffing about with odd-smelling cremes, or pain and irritation from plucking. That’s why more and more people are turning to advanced treatments like MeDioStar Laser Hair Removal to say goodbye to their unwanted excess body hair.

If you’d like to see whether MeDioStar is right for you, call Blush now. Our highly trained and qualified staff are waiting to take your call.

Fiber bundle delivery ensures the flattest beam available. Contact skin cooling is performed by a peltier cooling chip which monitors skin temperature providing greater patient comfort than the standard sapphire cooling system for laser hair removal.

Our treatments are suitable for a wide variety of hair and skin types.

With Blush, you get stellar customer service, beginning with a personalised consultation with one of our friendly advisers. We’ll talk about what results you’re looking for and the right course of treatment. As well as us assessing what will work best for you, you’ll have a chance to ask us all those questions you may have about laser hair removal so that if you choose to proceed with treatment, you go into your first session feeling informed and at ease. Remember - we aren’t happy until you’re happy.

Arranging a one to one consultation with one of our experts couldn’t be easier, just pick up the phone and give us a call. Whether you’re 100 per cent sure that you want to go ahead with laser hair removal, or you are curious and just want to find out more, we can give you all the essential info to point you in the right direction.

If you’re looking for safe and friendly laser hair removal in Kent, get in touch today.

  • After recently moving to the area I was looking for somewhere to get laser hair removal, after reading some reviews I booked in with Pal at Blush...and I'm so glad I did. They are always all so lovely when you're there, Pal has a really relaxing way about her and makes sure you know what's happening at every step. I've also got my eyebrows threaded and they did a fab job!
    Highly recommend them 💕
    5 stars - Sinead Waugh
    Laser Hair Removal Client
  • Quick, pain free laser hair removal appointment. Seen fantastic results! 5 stars - Yasmin Mahe
    Laser Hair Removal Client
  • I go here for laser hair removal. Very effective. Professional staff. Reasonable prices. They have been there for about 15 years. 5 stars - Uncle Prab
    Laser Hair Removal Client
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